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 If you don’t want to replace your present cabinet but are looking for better placement and a brand new look, then you should go for cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing means replacing the cabinet appearance by removing the doors and drawer fronts and putting a new veneer over the existing surface of the cabinet body. During refacing, the hardware, such as knobs, hinges, and drawer pulls, is generally changed.
 When you are thinking about refacing your cabinets, rely on Cabinet Refacing Richmond VA. 

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Avoid the mess, time, and cost. contact us for top quality refacing service.

    We provide a large selection of cabinet hardware, door faces, and edge profiles to ensure that you receive your desired design. After installing new doors, we will refinish the cabinet boxes to match. It offers you the appearance of brand new cabinets for a fraction of the price. Our skilled craftsmen take accurate measurements to guarantee that your new refaced cabinet boxes are seamless and perfectly color-matched to your drawer fronts and new doors. 
     Cabinet refacing in Richmond VA is hassle-free and less expensive than installing new cabinets, resulting in more money to upgrade backsplashes, worktops, and other features.
    It’s a good idea to settle on the breadth and scale of the upgrade you want before we start. If you are pleased with the general layout of your current cabinets, there is no reason to perform a total overhaul. We will walk you through every step of the process, from design to project completion.



    Our goal is to provide top quality cabinet refacing service in Richmond are.



     Everyone has thoughts about how they want their dream cabinets to appear, but many individuals feel exhausted by the exorbitant cost or the stress of completing an extensive makeover. You may be unaware that there are several ways to improve your cabinets that are easier and less expensive than an entire renovation. If you are in a dilemma, we are here to help! Refacing, rather than a whole demolition rebuild, allows you to have the custom cabinets you deserve at a fraction of the cost. When you collaborate with Kitchen Cabinets Richmond VA, you can expect our knowledge, skills, and service to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Our experienced staff will take your ideas and concepts into consideration and implement them into your custom cabinet.




    We are completely licensed and qualified to reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets professionally. We maintain our documents up to date and have approval so you don’t get into any legal trouble. Because our contractors are licensed, we are fully insured to provide you with a safe service experience.



    Cabinet Refacing Richmond VA understands that you want experienced hands to manage your project. Our experienced team members have years of industry expertise and are trained and certified to reface your ideal cabinets. Our professionals will offer you high-quality service that will give your cabinets a wonderful appearance and feel.



    In every project, we consider the safety of our clients’ possessions and the safety of our crew members. We follow all security standards and requirements when working on a project. We take every precaution to ensure that your property is not harmed. Furthermore, we genuinely care about our workers. That is why we make every provision for their safety so that they can provide you with a secure service.



    Our certified and experienced workers make our company reliable to our clients. We are the most trusted refacing company in Richmond when it comes to cabinet refacing service, pricing, product, and assurance. We place a great value on our clients’ satisfaction so that they can rely on us and refer us to others.



    The most common home improvement project is kitchen cabinet renovation. While many homeowners spend thousands of dollars to acquire their ideal kitchen, there are numerous options accessible to you that can help you save money on your next renovation. 

    Kitchen cabinet refacing Richmond VA is a fantastic option to update the look of your kitchen. Replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts may drastically transform the design and feel of your kitchen, giving it a clean, professional appearance and feel.


    Don’t put up with your worn-out and broken bathroom cabinets any longer. Contact us now for a personalized solution from the industry’s most reliable bathroom refacing company. We are dedicated to supplying you with solutions that are perfectly matched to your specific demands, budgets, and preferences. As a result, cabinet refacing in Richmond VA provides both full cabinet replacement and cabinet refacing services. If your bathroom cabinets are physically sound, our bathroom cabinet refacing is an excellent method to update their appearance at a low cost. If you choose to replace your bathroom cabinets, you can rely on our professionals to deliver great value for your money.


    Cabinet refinishing Richmond takes great satisfaction in providing our clients with an alternative to fully renovating without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Because cabinet refacing may be new to you, we have included a step-by-step overview of the process below:

    • All of the design and specifics are negotiated at the start of the project. For the cabinet refacing project, we choose a new door style and finish. We have numerous sample designs to select from, or if you want something unique, we can create custom designs. Modifications or extra cabinetry will increase the overall cost of the project. And these specifics must be worked out so that we can correctly purchase the material and new cabinetry.
    • Cabinet refinishing Richmond VA installers examine the counters, floors, and any other crucial working areas before we begin. They remove any existing doors, drawer fronts, or moldings that will be replaced. If countertops are being replaced, they will be removed at the same time to allow for the creation of a model for the new countertop.
    • Then it’s time to install the skins, veneer, and molding. For our refacing work, we choose to utilize only wood products, which results in a long-lasting and robust finish. It is the most time-consuming phase of the procedure, and it necessitates expertise and patience on the side of our professional installers. This attention to detail delivers a stunning end product.
    • We replace the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. We install all new hinges with a comfortable closing function which is a great feature included in all new cabinets. We may also add accessories to ensure that your cabinets are perfect.

    You can expect your new cabinets to endure whatever your family can throw at them, thanks to our experienced installers for that. Our skilled and detail-oriented installers do it right the first time, from perfectly alright alignment to properly fitted hardware, so you can enjoy excellent craftsmanship for years to come.

    What Should You Choose? Cabinet Refacing or Replacement?

    You might be confused about if you should reface or fully replace the cabinets. If you wish to relocate your cabinets, replacing them may be better than refacing. The cost of replacing cabinets is one of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom or kitchen makeover. Cabinet refacing Richmond is a low-cost, high-impact option for putting new cabinets in your house. Cabinet refacing involves reusing your original cabinet boxes while installing new doors and hardware. 
    To replace your Richmond VA kitchen cabinets, you will need to remove the countertops, cabinet boxes, appliances, and more. Plumbing and electrical modifications are frequently required when installing new cabinets. When you opt to reface the fronts of your cabinet, you can have everything done without ripping up your kitchen and in a lot shorter amount of time.
    Giving the cabinets a fresh appearance would not affect their usage. Similarly, if your cabinets are poorly built or otherwise compromised, spending to reface them is akin to tossing good money after bad. Consult with our experts if you don’t want to find yourself in this situation. They will provide recommendations based on your needs.

    Our Guarantee

    It makes no difference what type of cabinets you have since Cabinet Refacing Richmond VA will entirely change their appearance and make your kitchen and bathroom cabinets seem brand new. We can guarantee that our refacing service is very remarkable. It is exceptionally efficient and provides a long-lasting, high-quality installation. Our cabinet refacing specialists are the best in the industry. We never outsource our work since we aim to maintain the very highest of standards. Furthermore, the entire job is completed by the same installers to ensure consistency throughout the project, and we do not consider the job completed until you are absolutely satisfied. When you hire our professionals to reface your kitchen cabinets in Richmond VA or bathroom cabinets, you are collaborating with a small team of local craftsmen who provide reliable service and high-quality product installations. Instead of using pre-made plastic or laminates, we select only the finest quality materials and handcraft our doors.

    our guarantee

    You can never go wrong with us if you need a minor adjustment for your cabinets or want to take on a major renovation job.
    We can assist you in managing your budget, selecting the best components for your bathroom or kitchen, and without having to compromise on their quality due to their low cost. 
    We are affordable and utilize higher-quality products to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results. Our specialists are available at all times to assist you and assure the success of your project. If you would like to obtain an estimate to reface your cabinets, please call us or fill out our contact form.

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